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Project Review The Cimarron Group Furniture Design Traffic Agency- Custom Desk Designs 2008

The first design had a series of arched legs that were stacked up at an angle with a solid metal foot on each side.

I did an alternate in a darker wood, and doubled up on the drawers. 

This is the second design which used metal edging like on old diner tables from the 40's with bent wood leg posts on polished aluminum feet.

I did an alternate with darker wood here too. This was my favorite

For this design I did full bentwood box shelves on each side with a small center drawer, all sitting on black-Chrome feet.

An alternate in dark wood for the last design I submitted

Project Review
The Cimarron Group Furniture Design
Traffic Agency- Custom Desk Designs 2008

Client: The Traffic Agency via The Cimarron Group.
Art Direction: n/a
Project Date: Late Summer 2008

As a full  time employee at The Cimarron Group I often helped out with 3D visualizations of the various construction projects that the owner Bob Farina had at the company. I had worked on a restaurant and been an Imagineer so I was very familiar with these type of projects.

Also, I have worked as a professional cabinet builder and as a woodworker, so as an industrial designer, furniture design is a natural skill we build on over our whole career.

I had a chance to design some quick ideas in 3D for a big custom desk for the owner of the company, as he would have a satellite office at the Traffic Agency away from Cimarron, and wanted a nice big custom desk, so I was off and designing.

I had some samples of other pieces he liked, and was approved on the theme as a hybrid of a modern to an older retro-modern look, so I did these quick 3D Design ideas to be built out by his custom cabinet maker.

This is the second in a series of architectural and furniture design work I do along side the higher concept design work as well, look for future posts, and you can see the Art Table I did here.

Cheers, THOM

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