Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Personal Project: Skate CIty Reunion Poster 2.0

 Here is the final for the poster.

 Here is a Polygon shot showing the build itself.


 I built out all the neon inside with rivets, screws and lug-bolts and washers to construct the sign.

 Here you can see the various neon layers behind the fonts to back-glo them.

 Various little details all make a difference in the final product, plus I like building.

 Here is a Ambient Polygon shot of that first image showing the wires[ wireframe ]

Personal Project:
Skate City Reunion Poster 2.0

This is my second posting for the posters I created for a 80's Rollerskate Reunion, and today I posted the behind the Art look at the build out for this years reunion poster.

I repurposed the neon sing I built of the Ols School Logo from back in the day and took that model from the first poster here.

I went with a Porky's font from the 80's and did a bunch of neon. THe blue in the poster represents the color of the rink floor back then.

A fun project for me as it is a personal one for mysle fand a few hundered of my closest freinds out in Colorado.

Cheers, THOM

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