Monday, December 3, 2012

Project Review: The Great Raid: 3D Motion Graphics Title Cards 2005

 A larger bevel with a deep extrusion on a slick metal surface with some soft glow added for this look for the Title treatment for The Great Raid.

 A thinner logo with smaller bevels and a simple reflective surface under the logo for The Great Raid.

I took this logo and cut it up to be able to bend in like this back in the sides without the faces warping. A bit of an arc look for under the logo for this one that drifted down from up top.

 I also rendered the above logo with the bend removed.  This had a deep brushing in the texture and a darker look to the metals.

A bold use of the font the gave us to play with and a micro bevel, almost just an extrusion feel here. They wanted a very flat look with a soft gradient.

 A One live version we did for a simple drift fade, typical to these epics.

 Here is a Card for the main actor which established the look of all other cards for the final.

Project Review
The Great Raid:2005
3D Motion Graphics Title Cards

Client: Miramax Films via The Cimarron Group.

Project Date: May 2005.

While I was in-house at the Cimarron Group, I worked on over 200 Motion Graphics projects that I did for the 2nd floor AV department, and today I've posted my work on the film trailers for The Great Raid, a WWII epic.

I was asked to do some title looks in 3D for the TV spots for the film trailers by the producer Scott Fleisher, so I provided these to Motion Graphics style frames to use.

There were no real 3D moves for this project, just simple 2D Drifts , so all I provided were these stills at a higher resolution that the AE user would float for the spots. 

Most of the work for AV was in providing stills like these, but I did finish about 50+ full 3D moves while I was there for the 6 years I was in-house, and many are in my reel on the right side of this blog.

Cheers, THOM

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