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Project Review Out Takes PART VII Universal City Walk 1992

 Thru out the Citywalk store, there were large truss systems for the blue screen and various lights and apparatus, so they wanted a monitor 'cage' to mount to the truss system that could be rotated from landscape to portrait, and this was pre-flat screens so a big CRT cage was designed out as seen above to match the 'drapes' so to speak.

 An under-drawing I did was used for various designs, but clearly in this direction here.

 A top down view of the footprint of the main operators desktop with three Mac's. Note the old Mac split ergo keyboard seen also here.

Project Review
Out Takes PART VII
Universal City Walk Mall 1992.

Client: Out Takes Via Eric Allard at All Effects.
Art Director: Eric Allard.
Project Date Summer 1992

In my seventh posting for the design work that I performed for All Effects back in 92' on the City Walk Out Takes Furniture, Cabinets, and Camera structure designs, I have posted today some added under drawings and schematics.

Out-Takes was a blue screen photography studio at Universal's City Walk Outdoor Mall in California back in the late 90's, and part of any design job is to translate your won design so others so it can be built, and this usually involves a lot of extra schematic views, and parts drawings so the design can be understood by those who would build it.

This one point is why as a 3D Conceptual Designer who does his own 3D work, I can effectively undercut most any other job bid, since I cut out the entire process of design translation to another designer, since I myself am the one doing the building, and it is exact in the first pass to the design, where any translated work will require back and fourth to refine due to two or more minds on the job, which means a much higher cost as you must hire both a designer, and a modeler.

Cheers, THOM

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