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Project Review: Planet of the Apes[Original Films] Boxed Set 2009

 Here is the final 3D Illustration I built out for the Boxed Set of the original films from back in 2009.
 A slightly rotated model here of the Icarus, so we can see the other side window and 'cheek' surface.

 The base poly for the body skin for the spaseship.

 Subdivision is set at three here for the final renders.

 The Texture Map with the screen projection I used for simple alignment.
  Here is the packaging as seem online

Project Review
Planet of the Apes[Original Films]
Boxed Set 2009

Client: Fox Home Entertainment via Menagerie Creative.
Creative Director: Cheryl Savala.
Project Date: November 2009.

I had worked with the Creative Director, Cheryl at The Cimarron Group a few years prior when we were both still there in-house, so when she had a 3D Illustration she needed for the Home Entertainment Boxed set of the original Planet of the Apes at her company Menagerie, I was assigned the task of the build.

I am a super fan of the movies themselves, as I grew up with the Mego toys as a kid in the 70's, so this was a property I was very familiar with, and I got to build the space craft for the cover flap, very cool to me.

So, I built the body of the space craft as a sub-division editable polygon, so I could add surface to the main base poly. I then added the vents and various litte jets in the wings, and the model was done. It was a quick project with a fast deadline.

I then moved onto the texture map , and I did a simple projection, since this was a single view render and that would work well, though the map also worked for a few more angles fine too. I used a screen grab of my 3D Model I built in 3D Studio Max, and I then alined all the various parts and built the final color, bump, and specular all that way.

A fun project to finish as it went to print that year.

Cheers, THOM

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