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       As a 3D Conceptual Designer I bounce around quite a bit as evidenced in my TAG's to the right from 3D Illustration, 3D Modeling, Architectural Visualization, Virtual Photo Shoots, Automotive Phototreal rendering, Product Rendering to name a few, however 3D Logos are one of the main tasks that I do for existing clients, as well as one off jobs. 

I have been doing 3D Logos since I started work in Theatrical Advertising for Key Art for Movie Posters, Home Entertainment,as well as Motion Graphics, and websites since back in 2001.

Over the past 16 years I have rendered out well over 10,000 3D Logos. I have worked on hundreds of Key Art film campaigns as well as doing 3D logos for a variety of outside clients, from very small jobs of just 2 hours, to full re-branding for a variety in Corporate Advertising clients.

Most Agency's I work with do not have an in-house 3D Artist, so I get called in to to a 3D-Assist , and develop a 3D logo that they have already designed out in 2D in-house.

For some jobs, like X-Men 2, I did 212 3D Logos for our first presentation, this was one of the larger presentations. Most jobs I do a dozen or more, then refine them down to finals.

I take on jobs small to large, so I can do a 3D logo for a client on a tight budget and deadline for as little as $150,oo dollars. 

Trained in Art Centers Transportation Design program I am skilled in advanced surfacing. Though most logos are flat extrusions with some sort of light bevel to an edge, I hand build many more complex logos, all as a subdivision [Quad] model so that the end product can be used in extreme close ups for my Motion Graphics clients that buy the 3D Model as well as the 3D Renderings. 

I have developed many looks in logos from 3D Glass Logos, 3D Metal Logos, to the chiseled center-bevel or Single Point Bevel  type that has be a popular staple since around 2002. I have whole alphabets already built for some of the more popular fonts used, so I can save time re-setting it out for many clients and be on budget.

If you have a need for a 3D Logo please contact me for a quote.

Cheers, THOM

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