Thursday, August 10, 2017

Project Review: Architectural Visualization 3D Furniture Modeling 2017 The Olaf Chair

 The end product for this 3D Service is the 3D Model itself, I do a surface render check for every one, thus ensuring that the subdivided Quad Sub-D Model is good to go when delivered. This is a typical test shot as delivered to the client.

Here is the base mesh with Subdivision removed to show the low poly base build I do. Subdivision Modeling allows for as much resolution as needed in the asset, yet provides a lighter base mesh for dial in of pre-lighting textures and animations.

This underside view shows the 3D Model build out of the legs with supports.


 A close up details on the supports attachments with rattan.

 A few quick test renders on a virtual Photo stage

 Another angle on the 3D Model.

 Birds Eye overhead view on the Olaf Chair.

Side View of the 3D Chair.

 Here is a high front angle on the chair.

Project Review
Architectural Visualization
3D Furniture Modeling 2017
The Olaf Chair

Client: Three Marks.
Art Direction: Michael Golden.

Project Date: February 2017

Of the various 3D services I offer, one is to model out hard surface 3D assets for various clients to have them take my 3D Model into their program for a variety of uses from animation, Design, Visualization both for still print, as well as animations, and in today's blog post I am covering Furniture 3D Modeling.

I have worked with Michael Golden for a few years on a project by project basis, assisting with sets of custom furniture for his incredible visualizations he does out in NYC. For me, to build out custom furniture for Architectural Visualizations in still format or a  walk through is one of my favorite things to build in 3D, and Mid Century Modern is one of the styles I enjoy the most.

Today I have a really fun chair I got the pleasure of building out, that of a weaved wicker high-back Olaf Chair. As a prior furniture builder and a woodworker myself, I love virtual furniture building.

Having to build great iconic furnishings done in the past by great designers always builds up your own design abilities, since whenever you are forced to build another designers concepts you are challenged as a designer yourself. It takes you out of your own comfort zone, and allows you to see thru another designers eye, and sensibilities.

This will be followed by other pieces I have built out, as I have well over 100 custom furniture pieces for the Architectural Visualization work that Michael does at Three Marks.

Cheers, THOM

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