Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Project Review: Hatfield and McCoy Diner Show-Virtual Video Wall Set Design 2016

Here is the final full color render for the Video Wall Set Extension for the Diner Theater

I did a black and white version as well

 I also provide an Ambient Occlusion Dirt pass to overlay the render to add aging to the objects at geometry intersections
Built out mostly in Quads here is the base geometry with Subdivision [ Turbosmooth / Meshsmooth ] added

 A Birds-eye show all objects in the scene built with a forced perspective I learned when I did Set Design right out of Art Center.

Details in the front booths on the sides of the gates without Sub-D added.

 Close up[Base Geometry] of the fireworks and various signage out front.

Elevated shot[ Base Quad Model] of the banners above and Ferris Wheel out back

 Here is a elevated shot of the base 3D Model showing the Middle Ground elements with the tent in the background.

Project Review
 Virtual Video Wall Set Design 2016

Client: Fee/Hedrick Entertainment Group.
Creative Direction: Marshall Whaley.

Project Date: January 2016.

I started out my career in Set Design fresh out of ACCD in 92',and have been doing Themed Entertainment projects ever since, so I was contacted by Marshall at Fee/Hedrick to develop a few projects for them,and this was the first, a 3D Virtual Set that would be used on a Video Wall behind a Stage Play Diner Theater in Pigeon Forge.

I was provided a concept sketch by the client that they wanted translated into a 3D Virtual Set, so I got direction as to the final look, and proceeded to block out the main elements.

Once we had a final look, I rendered out the image for the video wall at HD in layers with 3D Foreground, 3D Middle-Ground, and 3D Background. The 3D assets I created were then handed over to Dean Fowler to animate them for the projection on stage as well.

Virtual Sets like these are a fraction of the cost to create a real set piece, and the design can be dimentionalized if needed via 3D Printing or good old fashioned Set Construction.

This is first in a series for work done for Fee Hedrick.

If you need assistance with Diner Theater Set Designs on a freelance to Full-Time basis contact me for an estimate.

Cheers, THOM

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