Friday, June 28, 2013

Project Review: 3D Corporate Logo Design: Ruby Construction 2009.

 I started with the Icon in the corner of the Logo with the ball above it. when I see a circle in 2D as a 3D Artist first place I go is will a cylinder or sphere work better, so I did try both. 

A Color-Picker is what makes a Smart-3D image so easy to mask and manipulate for the vendors and finishers.

 For the final I removed the scaffolding in front of the icon.

 A front on shot of the full type and simple icon[ with a sphere for the 'dot']

 A 3/4 overhead shot for web banners etc.

 A front tilted down low angle version too. 3D allows all alternates to be generated very quickly with sometimes just a camera change as seen here.

 Here is a nice 3/4 up angle which was my fave'

Project Review
3D Corporate Logo Design
Ruby Construction 2009.

Client: Ruby Construction via Cindy Ruby.
Art Direction: Cindy Ruby.
Project Date: Winter 2009.

I had worked with Cindy Ruby while in-house at the Cimarron Group doing Theatrical Advertising, and she contacted me after she left to help design out a nice 3D logo for a familys business with a 3D logo.

My typical clients are Theatrical in nature, though a good 25% of my work is in the corporate world, and not just a larger businesses like, Norm's RestaurantCountrywide or Lotus North America, but smaller one with a dozen employees or so as well, so I was ready to go.

I can typically get a logo like this done in a half a day, to just one day and the cost is reasonable for a smaller firm, if they can give me the room to design within the budget as I had here.

For Ruby Construction, I did a few large Icons with the scaffolding on them as well as a full 3D type treatment for the firm in a few angles for various usage. This was a half day project delivered. I finished up with the full type rendered out at various angles and perspectives for differing applications. A fun fast little corporate 3D logo project done in about 4-5 Hrs.

Cheers, THOM

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