Thursday, October 21, 2010

Project Review: FOX Digital Copy[ DVDe] PART I

An Early Digital Transfer Icon I built.

A DVD'e Logo with blue glass akin to the apple "aqua" feel[ requested].

An alternate look to the above logo swapped out to Candy Red and Steel.

A Icon for DVD'e with a holding square.

A formal Icon for the DVD'e with it resting in the grove above.
[ animated to a tilt for AV]

An all glass DVD'e Logo at an angle.

The Tin Sign look with thin edges on the letters with a deep-set face.

Sandwiched Glass and Stainless in this new look with a forward arrow in the mark.

A Single Pint Bevel on the Mark and angled to show the shape with a holding plate.

A Glass and Candy version of the "Arrow E" idea in a warm orange.

An overlapping look with the Logo on various levels.

A chasing arrow look that animated for AV with the E in the middle stationary.

One of my favorites with the sinister "V" wrapping horns around the bubble with the "E" inside.

FOX Digital Copy PART I
DVD'e and Digital Transfer

Client: FOX Home Entertainment via. The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Darren Keller.
Project Date Spring 2007.

FOX had developed a market to add a digital copy of the film in the DVD package when you buy the DVD so you can view the movie on a PC without having to download it, so early on we developed 3D Logos for the DVD'e as it was called back then. It became Digital Transfer next, but that changed to Digital Copy at the end. Digital Copy is used currently with FOX DVD and Blue Ray Discs. A fun design exercise.

Cheers, THOM

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