Friday, October 8, 2010

Project Review: A.C.C.D. 7th Term CALTY Project -PART 1

An early sketch showing the small wheelbase and "wedge" profile.

A second sketch in B?W of the Calty Project work.

An Early Marker Comp of the final Design.

A Final Marker Comp of the Calty "Small and Secure" Design #2.

A Side shot of the fifth scale model I built of the Design #2.

A 3/4 back view of the fifth scale model.

A 3/4 front view of the design intent model.

Art Center 7th Term 1991

My 7th term at Art Center which is equal to your Senior year in Collage we had out Transportation Design Class sponsored by California Toyota or CALTY which is responsible for advanced design for Toyota and Lexus.

For my project the theme was "Small and Secure" and the idea was to try and short circuit the thinking that a small car cannot be safe. I was to design a mini or microcar, "Kei" class in Japan that looked and used developments in safety. I designed two vehicles one more conservative which is this one and one a higher type of concept.

You will see development sketches along with some marker color renderings and finally the fifth scale model I built of the design. This term I did two cars so look for a follow up post in the future.

Cheers, THOM

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