Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Project Review: Rules of Attraction

A snake Syringe done for Art Director Alon Amir.

The Combo-Lock Chastity Belt modified to fit a Model shot.

A female torso hidden in the apple core.
The Chastity Belt Icon.

A "Mail Slot and a Screw" any questions?

Rules of Attraction 2002

Client: Lion Gate Films via BLT and Associates. Art Director(s): Alon Amir, Zack Ris, Marcus Almaraz Project Date: Summer 2002

Back when I was doing 3D Design at BLT and Associates in 2002, I did some fun little items for concepts for the new file The Rules of Attraction. No logos this time but some 3D Illustrations. The film was marketed as a sexy Dramedy[ Drama-Comedy] so lots of risque' ideas were in order and a Chastity Belt with a Combo lock! FUN.

Cheers, THOM

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