Thursday, August 26, 2010

Project Review: The Core 2003

The Finished Poster with the 3D Illustrated Earth a 6K render.

A concept for the Earth with a translucent core seeing the fire inside glowing superimposed over the globe above for a Lenticular concept.

The digger named "Virgil" headed towards the Core!

Virgil headed right at us!

I created a 3D version of the Icon for an ancient symbol used in the film.

A fun concept for a floor mounted Advertisement you walk over in Theaters.

A concept 3D Illustration of the Pilots mask reflecting the Earths Core in the face shield.


Client: Paramount Pictures via BLT and Associates. Art Director(s): Ronnie Blumenberg,Josiah Ludivico, Jeff Barnett. Project Date: January 2002-January 2003.

For the file The Core I was tasked with helping to create some 3D Illustrations for Posters that would be Iconic Images from the film. I built "Virgil" the drilling vehicle that is found in most of the film, but I was lucky enough to get the actual CGI prop model from the film so I was able to use the actual model for the final artwork. What ended up finishing was merely a 3D render of the Earth that we split in two, but I did far more concepts that didn't see the light of day. A very fun project that was on and off for over a year.

Cheers, THOM

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