Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Project Review: Lotus Elise US Launch

The Final Lotus Elise Model in Sunburst Yellow.

A 3D Motion shot of the Lotus in a Tunnel.

Overhead showing the "Coke Bottle" hips in the design in Red.

The Elise in 3D from the back in green.

Close up on the Side Mirror and Driver Door.

Close Up on the Side Mirror glass and window.

Close Up on the "Cheese Grater" side vents.
A 3/4 Read Render of the Elise in Red.

An overhead 3D Render showing the rear Engine grill area.

A Promotional Poster Designed by Lee Queano using four 3D Renders.


Client: Lotus Motors via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Lee Queano, Nigel Williams,and Myself.
Project Date: Summer 2004.

When I moved over to The Cimarron Group in 2003 from BLT and Associates I was doing Theatrical Advertising only, and one of the new markets presented to me at Cimarron was the Corporate Division clients outside entertainment, and Lotus Motors was presented. As a Transportation Design Grad they say "Gas in in our Veins" and we love all things cars.

This was the first 3D car I built from scratch, and at the time there were no Elise models in the USA available to us so I built this from photos I found online, and a few blueprints. The exterior took 40 Hours and the interior took about 30 more, so almost two weeks for my first car. I have speed up since then as I have built about 6-7 cars from scratch now.

Cheers, THOM

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