Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project Review: Race To Atlantis Part III

Clouds Part and we see the ground as we approach the Race to Atlantis

The riders POV is now set on the ground ready to go with the huge city in the distance.

The flying Chariots are headed right at us now.

As they all fly around us we end up with the Comic Relief.

He is going fast enough that he too hits us and shakes the POV.
[To Be Continued]


Client: Rhythm and Hues.
Art Director: na.
Project Date Summer 1996.

In this third post on my work on the 3D ride-film storyboards for the Atlantis Ride Film at Rhythm and Hues, we are now seeing the clouds clear up so we begin to see the huge city of Atlantis that we will race through. The comic relief is back with the flying machine designed by Nick Pugh back in our face again as we are about to get swept into the race.

You can view PART I here

You can view PART II here

Part IV Coming soon.

Cheers, THOM

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