Friday, November 7, 2014

Project Review: 3D Subdivision Architectural Modeling for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC-Custom Antique Japanese Tea Pot PART III

A virtual replica of an antique Japanese Tea Pot I built for Architectural renders. 

Built out as a full-Quad Subdivision model the client gets any resolution they desire and need for extreme close ups to a low poly background object.

A birds eye view on the little teapot.

Some light displacement of roses were cast into the original.

Iron wrapping held the bamboo for over a centrury as the original teapot is 100+ years old.

A multi-Rez shot shows the base model to final giving the end usre full control for renders.

A reverse angle on the base quad mesh.

The three in a row from the spout side of this vintage  Tea Pot.

 Worms-eye view shows the bottom details.

Close on the strap holes with the sharp edge detailing.

The front hole and spout in low poly.

A view of the Teapot exploded out into the individual parts made in the build.

Project Review:
3D Subdivision Architectural Modeling

for Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
Custom Antique Japanese Tea Pot PART III

Client:Thomas-Juul Hansen LLC
Art Direction: Michael Golden.
Project Date: July 10th, 2014.

I was contracted by an architectural firm out in NYC to assist in building out some 3D furniture as well as various props for the rooms to bring a level of realism, as well as having the pieces that dress this virtual set be very high end specific items, so I was off to building.

In this PART III, I have recreated a virtual version of an antique Tea Pot. Bone China, crackled with a hand built bamboo strap. A fun build for me, since whenever I have to build out someones  design, you glean a bit from the shapes and feature and each job you learn a bit,and grow as a designer.

As with most prop builds I make, I get a basic shot of the product and a few dimensions and I go from there. This was also just a 3D Model delivery only, so no rendering was needed. I do a test image to test the surfaces as seen above, but the model itself is the deliverable in 3DSmax , FBX, and OBJ.

I can design, build, and render out, or do any one of these steps for my clients, so I get a range of projects from Architectural and Interior Design clients for Corporate, Retail, Theme Park, as well as here for residential.

You can see my Violin Case in  PART I here.
You can view the custom soft custom couch in PART II here.

Cheers, THOM

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