Monday, October 21, 2013

Project Review Virtual Photo shoot 2009 Honda Accord Launch PART II

 My lighting test of the 2009 Honda Accord Coupe done in black paint.

The Coupe is here rendered out in a lighter mist blue type of color.

A deep rich blue metallic is rendered out for this lighting shot of the Honda.

A Warm Champagne type of color was tested in the lighting model too.

A Dark Metallic Grey paint scheme in this Virtual Automotive 3D Render.

A Green-Lime metallic paint variation on the 2009 Accord Coupe.

 As a Hot Rod fan, I love candy metallics, so I did a candy tangerine color choice too.This was the base scene I used for the Mitsubishi project here.

The final was done in red and can be seen in PART I here.

 Honda had a candy root-beer color than season so I threw that on the coupe too, LOVE that color.

 A lighter grey paint scheme was done as well.

I also did a white paint job which required a lot of relighting as the white bounced the illumination quite a bit.

Project Review
Virtual Photo shoot

2009 Honda Accord Launch

Client: Goutam Mitra
Art Director: Myself
Lighting Consultant: Jerry Garns.
Project Date: Fall 2008

In Late 2008 I was tasked with helping launch the newly styled 2009 Honda Accord. Previously I had worked to pitch Honda a year earlier as well as doing 3D Illustration for the Lotus Elise account at Cimarron, and today I post the second in a series on this job.

Today I have posted some of the lighting set ups I created ahead of time for the various colors we might need for the project. Each paint color requires adjustment in lighting just as in the real world, so for example, a white car and a black one have very different lighting and intensities due to the paint color and how it reacts to the environment and lighting, and this is also true in a Virtual Photo-Shoot as well. Each scene is dialed in over a few pre-passes until a look is good to go in an acceptable time-frame for production.

I built out the various shaders and materials and rendered these out in Cebas' Final Render Product. I also used these Pre-Lit scenes for other automotive projects since once I had the set ups ready to go I simply replace the car into the scene in which the paint choice is closest in color and brightness, and render away.

You can view PART I here, and the 3D Logo work here.

Cheers, THOM

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