Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Project Review: STARZ 3D Logo and Motion Graphics Cards for new series 2008.

This is what the client chose as the final, a simple soft look to the materials with color bouce from the pink letters.

I did an all glass version of the logo and card here with clear glass.

 I also played around with pink glass as well.

 A version with pink glass up top and the Starz Red below on the thicker extruded logo.

 A did some alternate angles on he glass with pink neon inside versions as seen here with this low angled version.

 A birds Eye down shot on the above scene.

 A low front view of glass and neon with a lot of color bounce in this version sot he entire shot is pinker.

 The basic front view shot of the clear-glass with pink neon tubes inside the 3D type for this Starz 3D Motion Graphics style card.

Project Review
Starz 3D Logos and Motion Graphics Cards
for new series 2009.

Client: STARZ via RoseWorks.
Art Direction: Myself and Chris Arnold.
Project Date: October 2008. 

While I was in-house at The Cimarron Group, I did a few Motion Graphics Cards in 3D for Rose Works, an Entertainment Company ran by Chris Arnold that had offices in the building, and for todays post I am covering some work I did for a Starz Broadcast Cable job.

I was asked to help create some 3D cards for a new series on Stars that was to be marketed towards women, so the idea was to add a soft feminine feel to the cards for the announcements. I did a series of cards with lite soft ;links as well as rose glass and some glass on whites for a subtle look to the 3D.

A fun quick gig that took a few hours to deliver the style frames on then I produced the final cards.

Cheers, THOM

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