Friday, May 3, 2013

Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation PART II :The Bomb, and The Magic "Ocho"2007

 Here is the final TNT "Da' Bomb" Emoticon I designed, built, and animated in 3D for this mini Icon from back in 2007.

 Here is the Polygon wire-frame showing the subdivided 3D Build.

The Low Resolution view of the TNT stack.

 An exploded parts shot of the little build for this prop. A bit of "Toony" style added to the shapes.

The Final Render of the Magic "Ocho" fortune ball.

The smoothed mesh is a simple modified primitive.

The base Polygon Mesh[ No Subdivision Added]

 An exploded view of the three parts in this simple animated Icon.

Project Review
Online Emoticons 3D Design and 3D Animation
PART II :The Bomb, and The Magic "Ocho"2007

Client: Cimarron Interactive Division.
Art Direction: Scott Addison Clay.
Project Date: May 2007.

In this second part in my series of the quick work I had to create some 3D Emoticons for use on a clients custom built website, I will cover two more Icons I created and animated for the Interactive Division at The Cimarron Group from back in 2007 of a simple Magic Ocho Ball, and a little TNT bundle that blows up with cartoon flags.

I worked in Television animation for a number of years so I was familiar with creating toon styled characters, and these little quick 3D Icons were a fun project to use that skill set on again, as the bulk of my work at the time was 3D Logos and Photoreal 3D Illustrations, so a fun little animated object like these was a nice change up.

I delivered 60 frames of animation for each of the four Emoticons I designed and Animated in 3D for this little gig. Fun and fast!

You can look at PART I here.

                                Cheers, THOM

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