Friday, June 17, 2011

Project Review: James Bond 007:Die Another Day 2002 PART-II

A Simple Chrome double plate logo I designed for the Die Another Day ad campaign in 02'.

Here I used the glass material I worked out for the Walther PPK here.

A rough brushed metal logo with a smooth text overlay. This one was extruded with thicker rounded profile for more weight.

Using the thick Model I did for this version for Die Another Day in golds and a warmer palette.

We liked the feel of the larger holding bevel on this version with the glowing text, I did half a dozen alternates on this model for 007 Bond.

Die Another Day
James Bond 007

Client: MGM via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: n/a.
Project Date:Summer and Fall 2002.

This is my second posting on "Die Another Day" the Bond Film I did 3D Illustrations and Logos for back in 2002 for the Theatrical release of the film. I posted the props I build and rendered here, so today I cover a few looks we explored for the type treatments.

While designing over at BLT and Associates I always had a fun project come my way, and 007 is a great property to illustrate for. I experimented with glass and ice as the teaser had a ice gun explode and we were tasked with a few looks to compliment that existing campaign. We also explored Golds and polished metals as well.

Cheers, THOM

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