Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project Review: Silvestri California Catalog Sketches 1992 PART III

Crazy Shirts- Custom Hat Stands.

Warner Brothers Store-Custom Mannequins with clip racks.

Warner Brothers Store-Custom Hat Racks.

Warner Brothers Store-Custom Clothes Racks.

Custom Foam Arm Upper body shirt stands from The Broadway Collection.

A decoration Item from J.C..Penny, a birdhouse stand.

Project Review:Silvestri California Alternate Catalog pages 92' PART III

Client: Silvestri California.
Art Director: Bill Daniels.
Project Date Fall 1992

In this third part in my Silvestri California Catalog work, I did some alternate pages for vendor specific needs, and the Warner Brothers stores had an account with Silvestri California to build not just he custom Character Figures but all custom fixtures so above you will find a few pages from the WB stores as well as a few extra pages for JC Penny and The Broadway.

Cheers, THOM

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