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Project Review: NINE-2009 PART II-More 3D Logos

In my first post for the film Nine, you will see parts from this logo there, here is an alt floating at a worms eye view with some volumetric lighting added in post. 

 I did a series of glass versions for a few type treatments given to me by the great team of Art Directors, and this one sitting on a gloss black backdrop allowed the caustics reflections and refractions to be highlighted.

 An aged smooth concrete/metal like texture with a strong warm to cool lighting color environment. We tried all lower-case for a few passes for the film title in 3D for Nine.

 Another 3D Glass logo that I built out as hollow to get the brighter edges and internal caustics. I lit this one with a more warm set of lights and reflection maps.

 An Old Subway tile feel to this 3D film Logo. I used a procedural shader for this one and the mapping wraps well.

 A Single Point Beveled type treatment in severely water damaged concrete. A combo of procedurals and bitmaps for this 3D Logo design pass.

 In Part I you will see posted this metal grate logo over a matching window with volumetric lights shooting out, and they liked it enough to render just the 3D virtual iron-work by itself. I went with a more aged copper in the shader for this pass though.

 A blocked out version of the 3D Nine Logo for the film,  built out from a vector pass with a good amount of noise on it to feel like a paint stamp.

The same file in a flatter plate with some simple scaffolds behind it similar to this more detailed version I posted in PART I

Project Review
NINE-2009 PART II More 3D Logos

Client: The Weinstein Company via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Calvin Sumler ,Chris A, Hawkins, and Joseph Stamper.
Project Date: Spring 2009.

The successful Broadway Play "Nine" was made into a feature film and today I am posting another set of 3D Logo concepts I built for the Theatrical Print Advertising campaign while I was still the in-house 3D Design Director at The Cimarron Group.

This was a very fun project for many reasons , but mainly because of the team itself. I cannot emphasize enough how important to creativity the team attitude and work environment is to create great work, and with this team, I was stoked.

I did many variations with a wide range of materials and found objects, and was given a full week to build out the various designs that we came up with.

Sadly for me, the client went to pure 2D flat white logo for the finish, but it still was a fun ride going through the motions.

You can view my first post PART I here.

Cheers, THOM

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