Monday, December 2, 2013

Project Review: ICE AGE 2:The Meltdown-Motion Graphics work Part II

The main final FOX Marque I did for Ice Age 2 was sans the snow with the smaller cracks in the ice material .

 Here was the same version with the snow caps added back in.

A greener version with a smoother surface was another pass I did for Ice Age 2.

This one had a rough pumice type of Procedural texture applied to the ice to make it more rustic.

This one used a hammered look with sharp edged cup like bumps over the ice materials.

 Here is the final model I built for Ice Age of the TV FOX Marque.

 An overhead shot showing the simple Ice Age FOX Marque scene in 3D.

 I always give the teams I work with a Z-depth mask so they can select the pixels based on distance from camera to save them post production time and costs for adjusting full animated Motion Graphics sequences.

Project Review
ICE AGE 2:The Meltdown
Motion Graphics work
Part II

Client: 20the Century FOX via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: myself.
Project Date: Summer 2006.

Today I am posting the second piece in the Motion Graphics 3D work I did for the film Ice Age 2: The Meltdown, from back in January of 2006, while I was in-house running the 3D Design Department at The Cimarron Group.

Today I am covering the FOX Marque 3D Ice version I built out for the project to match the cards I posted last week, that can be seen here. As with the text, I also built out a few variations as Ice materials for type can be tricky as it has serious legibility issues with the transparent and translucent areas on the 3D asset that can interfere with readability.

I experimented with various internal blurs and specular levels in the shaders to achieve a look that would work. I also did some with and some without some show on top of the ice parts as well.

A fun addition to the cards, to build out the FOX marque which I have done four times so far.

You can view my Ice Age 2: first post wit the cards for MGFX here.
If you wan to see my Ice Age 3 work you can go here.

Cheers, THOM

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