Thursday, September 1, 2011

Project Review: Mitsubishi Motors Pitch 2008 PART II

Here is the final Night shot at the Gas Pump with the Virtual Photo Illustration I provided for the Mitsubishi Account.

And here is the daytime re-lit scene for Mitsubishi.

Here is the Polygon Model I made with the turbo-smooth turned OFF to see the basic design model.

Here is the full scene I built for Mitsubishi as an animated piece with flickering lights and blowing Grass[ added later] etc. A fun spot.

A Polygon close up on the Island I made with the tin cans trash etc.

An overview shot of the Geometry. You will NOTE: The Barn is buried in the ground a bit as it fit the shot better down a bit and since we did not see where it touched the ground it did not look out of place.

Mitsubishi Motors Pitch 2008

Client: Traffic via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Tom Cordner.
Project Date Summer 2008.

Sorry for the missed day folks with posting, I had a GIANT pile of work all come at me, all in a 48 hour period, such is the life of the Self Employed.

This is my follow-up post on the work I did for Traffic on the Mitsubishi account they had in 2008-09.

In this second part, I post the 3D virtual illustration and set piece I made for the Motion Graphic Commercial work being done on the spots.

I built a close up of a Gas Pump, and a long shot scene of a gas pump in the middle of America somewhere. I was able to utilize a few 3D assets I made during down time at The Cimarron Group to embellish the scenes. I had just under on day to do the work, and I had to move fast.

I did both a Daytime shot with lighting, and and a Night shot of the close up scene which made it to the finals, but the full scene was deemed to expensive for the TV budget, so it never made it past the render. A fun project to build and design for and the fast deadlines keep you on your toes.

Cheers, THOM

You can Review the Virtual Cars I did here for Mitsubishi.

Link to ADWEEKS's article on Traffic winning the account:

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