Monday, September 26, 2011

Project Review: ASTROBOY PART II

 Here is the full glass logo with all the Astroyboy guts I made for the boxed type modified to fit inside.

 Here is a matte shined steel logo I did as a variation on the above Tube logo.

Here is the same Astroboy file rendered with a lot more reflection on the metal surface shined up and polished out.

A One sheet comp with a stacked Logo for Astro Boy, and a series of tubes going into the back of the logo[ based on a reference given from the director]

A Single line logo with a room added into the set from above for the Astroboy Teaser Poster Ideas.

Here is the quad view showing the details of the model from the backside for Astroboy.

The front polygon quad view of the main tube SPB logo I designed for the various Art Directors at The Cimarron Group.

Project Review
Astroboy 2009 PART II
Tube Logo Designs

Client: Summit Entertainment via The Cimarron Group
Art Director[s]: Chris A. Hawkins and Calvin Sumler
Project Date: Winter 2008-Spring 2009

This is my second post for the Theatrical Advertising work I perfomed for Astroboy back in 08' and 09' while I ran an in-house 3D Design Department for The Cimarron Group, out of their Hollywood main office. Today I focus on the the soft toon styled logo I designed for the Animated Movie Astroboy, and it was based on a simple and soft tube shape to match up to the look of the main character design.

A tube shaped, or round profile logo design is built in the same way as a Single Point Bevel [SPB], type treatment is done. I put up a tutorial post on how to build a SPB and it is a slight modification to the process to create the tube profile. It is still a hand built font logo, and each letter has it's own challenges.

I also filled the logo with some of the Astroboy 'guts' I built for the Joseph Stampers, glass and steel logos I built earlier here. I had to modify them to fit inside the tube font and so I revised the profile and scale of the parts to fit. I also used a shell modifier to make the glass walls  render better with thickness to them.

I have another post in this series I will put up soon with the more boxed extruded shapes for logos I did as well, so enjoy the post.

Cheers, THOM

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