Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Personal Project: Craftsman Cliff House 2003

 My Personal Project of the Craftsman Cliff House seen from the view side.

 A close up on the bridge connecting the main home with the garage guest house. I imagine a "falling water-esque' river could run under this bridge with a waterfall water feature i on the property.

 An upshot on the Tower in the Cliff Craftsman Home.

 Here I fleshed out the bridge from the main home into the lower floor of the two story library in the middle of the Tower.

 A Bird's Eye overhead view of the home I designed. Note the three story garage with an addition space below the cars for a shop in the basement.

 From the street side it looks like a standard bungalow, but the change in elevation over the cliff is deceiving to the height of the tower out back.

 A view from the back showing off all three main buildings connected by the two covered bridge walkways connecting them all up.

Personal Project
Craftsman Styled Cliff House 2003

Today's post is a design for a Craftsman styled cliff house that I have tinkered with over a decade on and off. I have not done any active design for 7 years, but I thought I would post these images here as a first posting on this personal work. It is a true Work In Progress as I have mainly blocked in the proportions and shapes and just started to flesh out the beam work, as the design lacks, doors, windows, and and porch or siding as of yet.

I am a nut for the Arts and Crafts movement, and not only follow the Architecture and associated Furniture, Lamps, and tapestry designs, I have incorporated the style into many a project seen here. This is a dream home of sorts for me, that I would love to build someday up in the mountains of Colorado where I grew up.

The base design is what is termed an Airplane Bungalow, in which the top floor is a smaller box on top of the lower floor, so with the big eaves hanging over it, it resembles the proportions of a cockpit on an aircraft fuselage.

I also wanted to add in these bridges to connect the three main buildings, The home, the garage and guest quarters, and the tower. I used the lower flatter Japanese roof pitch typical on the California Bungalow look, on the multiple buildings and walkway roofs in my design.

My favorite feature is the five story tower which houses a studio loft up top with a 360 view, a two story library below it with an addition office or den under the library with a chapel in the basement.

I may get inspired to revisit this design again, I had fun mocking this Work In Progress up. I have a Craftsman I did while at The Cimarron Group for sale on Turbo Squid here.

Cheers, THOM

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