Thursday, September 29, 2011

Project Review: A.C.C.D.- 3rd Term Shop class Product Model

 A 14 x 17 Marker Rendering I did for the final shop class project for the phone model.

 Here is a shot of the Product Design model I built at Art Center back in 1989 of a cordless phone and wall base.

 A shot of the same model with the phone "hung up" on the polished aluminum charging tabs.

My drafting image blueprint I designed to build the model in Joe Farrar's shop class in 89'

Project Review: A.C.C.D.
3rd Term Shop class Product Model

I started Art Center in the fall of 1986, and left for almost 3 years before I returned to finish my training, and this model was built my first term back, 3rd in the fall of 1989. Joe Farrar was the instructor for nature of materials[ Shop], and we had to build a product model of some sort , so I did two, with this phone as my first one.

I wanted to use both metal, and plastic in the design, so I created a deco styled portable phone that charged on some nice metal tabs. Remember this was 1986 and pre-cell phones, so we had no idea how advanced things would get in just a few years from then.

I had been a professional Cabinet Builder the year prior, so I was well accustomed to parts drawings, and I had training in drafting from 9th -12th grade as well in our vocational programs we had in Colorado in the 80's.

The staged photos were taken in my apartment back in 89, and I still have the model today and it is in good shape.

I have additional Art Center projects up via the TAG on the right.

Cheers, THOM

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