Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Project Review: Van Helsing 2004 PART I

My Finished 3D Logo for the One Sheet Pay Off.

The Teaser piece with the metal Stake and Type which was modified for the pay off.

A very early design for a curved base logo.

A Nice simple reflection of a 3D Metal Logo.

I'm always asked to do a back-lit volumetric version for a scary movie.

A 3D Logo design I did for Art Director Hunger Lam.

A fun script type font from Art Director Hunger Lam is brilliant;I made it into a 3D metal Logo for him to use in his comps.

We finished two 3D Logos and this was picked as the final.

This was the runner up fo0r the finish for the 3D Logo for the film.

Here is a series of 3D Metal Stakes for the Vampire Killer Van Helsing. The third from the Left was finished for the Posters.

Project Review
Van Helsing 2004

Client: Universal Studios
Art Director: Hunger Lam
Project Date: Fall 2002.

While I was working in-house at BLT and Associates in Hollywood CA back in 2002, we did a lot of Logo and Vampire Stake exploration for the new Universal Film Van Helsing starring Hugh Jackman as the main character.

I did a bunch of 3D Logos finally finishing with one of them used for both the teaser and finish One sheets. I also finished the metal stake with a H in it used to Pre promote the film as well. This was an early use of the Simbiont Procedural Textures used to get the old rusty iron materials I built. Fun stuff.

Cheers, THOM

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