Monday, November 29, 2010

Project Review: Men in Black II

A direct lift from the film when the elevator is shot up by the robotic gun. This was a backdrop for a fun comp.

A bubble wall comp for the two character posters.

A 3D version of the old MIB logo from the designing of the murals in the headquarters.

He main TV monitor that the "twins" used in the film.

The doorway that the Tommy Lee Jones character gets his memory back in by going into this room.

Silver over black anodized Aluminum 3D logo.

The reverse contrast in the same 3D Logo.

March 2002

Client:Sony Pictures Entertainment.
Art Director: Ronnie Blumenberg.
Project Date: March 2002.

Eight years ago while working in house in Hollywood CA at BLT and Associated I had this fun project come into the studio. It was a quick job over a day or two for the sequel to the popular "MIB" or Men in Black Film, aptly named MIB2. I was tasked with mostly virtual stylized set pieces as the poster concepts were stylized versions of some various locations iconic to the film, so I recreated them very quickly. I also did a few Logos as shown, though they ended up using a plain black on white2D approach.

To have a full week on a job like this usually does not happen in the world of Theatrical Advertising, but no matter, what I did get was fun and always a challenge to complete in a few short days.

Cheers, THOM

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