Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Project Review: Operation Stormbreaker

The Finished One Sheet for Stormbreaker.

A prop taken from the film made for the One Sheet artwork.

For an AV concept the Stormbreaker Microchip 3D model.

Full view of the Stormbreaker Microchip 3D model.

The VR Room at the hideaway in all metal.

The VR room in Concrete and steel.

Operation Stormbreaker 2006

Client: Samuelson Productions.
Art Director(s): Calvin Sumler[print]:Scott Fleischer[av]
Project Date: Summer 2006.

In the Summer of 2006 I worked on the campaign for Operation Stormbreaker, a James Bond in High School sort of film I did a few Iconic pieces and some AV conceptual images as well. The Print 3D illustration went on the finish out for the One Sheet, but the AV ideas did not finish. I did a few microchip concepts that were infomercials on the "Stormbreaker" technology that is a key part of the film. I also did a small test animation for a VR interface in 3D and did a test animation to prove the concept. The advertising went in a few directions and finished with a simple chrome text finish.

Cheers, THOM

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