Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project Review: Disneyland Paris Second Gate Tram Concepts.

An early sketch of an all metal Deco Tram polished like an Airstream.

This next "toonish" concept went into 3D development for fine tuning.

A Space Frame Concept design for a tram engine.

Disneyland Paris Tram Concepts.

Client: Walt Disney Imagineering.
Art Director: Tom Morris.
Project Date: Summer 1997.

While jumping around from team to team at Walt Disney Imagineering, I ended up on the Paris team and did Conceptual Design work for about one year before I moved to the Tokyo team in 1998. For the 2nd park they were building in Paris next to the existing Disneyland Paris had many little projects, and doing tram design was a fun part of the work.

Though they ended up buying existing trucks and painting them, I was able to "blue sky" a bit, and design from scratch trams of various themes. One was an streamlined version to line up with the Kem Weber, Art Deco motif found throughout the parks architectural details and furnishings. The second design, was a simple "toonish"smooth design, and the last is a component design similar to a Ducati space frame design with exposed structures like an ATV of "Hooligan" bike.

Cheers, THOM

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