Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Project Review VALKYRIE Logo exploration PART II

A curved face straight extrusion 3D Logo for Valkyrie that I converted to a Pro-Boolean Quad mesh so I could bend the face and get the edges softer.

 A Flat and Sharp edged extrusion 3D logo on a gloss black surface adding a slight reflection.
 A receded face logo that gives a nice heavy drop shadow with a thin face lip out front.

 A rough red version of the logo with a thin metal lip done for Valkyrie.

 A reverse color logo from above with a thin red line edge detail and the deep face.

 A dual layer 3D logo for Valkyrie with a simple red face and polished edge.

 A SSS[ Sub surface Scattering] internal glow material added to heat up the steel in this pass.

 A red light bottom glow done with just a colored light on this rough metal version of the Valkyrie 3D Logo.

 I also did the Single-Point-Bevel hand made version for Valkyrie and this was an alternate I did with a long back shadow.

 This SPB[Single-Point-Beveled] I also curved it back to get a rounded face for better reflections.

 This final 3D Logo done for Chris A. Hawkins as another glow version but this time it is black glass in material with the lower part heated up.

Project Review
VALKYRIE Logo exploration

Client: MGM via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director: Chris A. Hawkins.
Project Date: Spring 2008.

This is PART II on the 3D logo Design work I did on the film advertising for Valkyrie, and today I want to cover how I approach a 3D Logo when I am given just one vector file.

Some 3D Logo Design projects I am hired for, I will receive a set of about half a dozen different fonts to extrude out, but for others I am given just one. For Valkyrie the logo was already set, but they wanted to explore dimensional versions, so I went in and created this set of about a dozen 3D Logos in various looks.

I was given direction for the Theatrical Print Dept as it was black and white with a red single color as a high contrast red accent color, so I did all versions using this color to highlight the font.

I did some simple extrusions, a Single Point Bevel, and some curved faced versions as well. A fun exercise with a day to render them all out.

You can view PART I here.

Cheers, THOM

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