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Project Review: Indian Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull-PART V: Aztec Adobe Skull Wall Comp.

 The primary Image I created was this built brick Adobe'ish Wall utilizing the Mayan/Aztec look to the Skull for the teaser poster.

 I provided a few alternate angled bedsides the front camera view as with this ALT.

 The second alternate view for the comp.

 I also did a comp that was colorized using a few colored shaders.

In this STEP I: exploded view screen-capture you can see all the various parts I made to combine for the various parts in the design.
 In STEP II: we see the various parts lined up and ready to Pro-Boolean. I always save this step[ as with all others] so if there is an issue I can nudge a part here or there to get the booleans working, as they are tricky math equations so it takes a bit of patience.

STEP III: The final Boolean object output with quads to break up the surfaces and remove triangulation which a cannot be subdivided with a good result.

STEP IV: A Quad view showing the final models with subdivision added to round out the objects.

Project Review
 Indian Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
PART V Aztec Adobe Skull Wall for Print

Client: Paramount Pictures
Art Director: Joseph stamper
Date: Spring 2007

This is fifth posting for the work I did for Indiana Jones four, The Kingdom of the Lost Skull, and today I look closer at a fun Aztec styled comp I created for Art Director Joseph Stamper. He gave me some direction and colors and I proceeded to create this full edge to edge 3D render for the stone wall comp.

Early in the process we do not have full information on the films, but they do give enough info to create the assets needed, and at the time we were directed to create skulls with Mayan and Aztec influences.

I built this 3D comp out using the great N-power Pro-Boolean Plug-In in 3DSmax and this allows the Boolean to output in quads so you can blend the parts into a single part with nice flow in the filets and rounds.

Above you can see my step by step set up to create the final parts. I did separate them into blocks or bricks, but within each brick some were made from dozens of parts.

To finish this off I used the Final Render Dirt shader along with the Darksim Simbiont  Procedural shaders via a custom shader I wrote in Dark Tree.

You can view PART I here.
You can view PART II here with a detailed look at the DC-3 plane I built.
You can view PART III  here, this covers a round calender for living one sheets and MGFX.
You can view PART IV here, covering the DVD type matching I did.

Cheers, THOM

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