Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Project Review: Freddy DeMann's Music Video Revolution-3D Logos

 A simple two-piece 3D Logo, with a face plate and bevel, and an extruded holding device with a beveled top as well it sits on. All this sits on a curved corner cyclorama with a black reflective material on it.

 A Volumetric Light from the clouds with a bright  Yellow -Gold 3D Logo.

 This 3D Logo I designed, floats over a dark floor with a hint of blurred reflectivity and a glowing glass and metal, blue 3D Logo for the Freddy DeMann's Music Video Revolution project.

 This round of 3D Logo designs has both a reflective floor and a Volumetric Light behind the font[ asked for FX].

 A softer rounded bevel on the Two Plate Design similar to what was done early on in the day for this quick project.

This was the last design, and my most favorite: I did a recessed face with a rounded lip on it to emulate a pressed or bent metal and tin outdoor font. I also applied a rainbow of prismatic coloration to the volumetric back lighting FX I added in. I always render a clean[ No Atmosphere] version when asked for so the AD can paint it out or in as needed.

Project Review
Freddy DeMann's Music Video Revolution
DVD and Blue Ray Key Art Logo Designs.

Client: Guthy Renker via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(S): Darren Keller, and Andy Marciniak.
Project Date: October 2008.

In todays post, I have put up a half day project where I had to come up with a few looks for the Key Art Packaging Designwork that was being done for the DVD/BLue Ray release of Freddy DeManns Music Video Revolution. This 3D Illustration work I did was done for the Home Entertainment Division at The Cimarron Group back in 08'.

For this project as usual, I am provided the fonts from the Creative team to execute in 3D with a base direction. I take the splines into 3DSmax and convert them over to 3D logo by building off the spline. Volumetric-Lighting FX, and a distinct "Motion-Graphics" look is what I was asked to duplicate in the logo designs so what you see above are the results of the 4 hours of work.

I always provide the image as some fomr of a SMART 3D image, with alpha channels and usually some type pf mask to pick objects on the font to highlight and animate once the final logo is ready for AV apps next.

Cheers, THOM

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