Monday, June 7, 2010

Project Review: Space Chimps 2008

The FINISHED final Logo used on the One Sheet for Calvin Sumler.

A Large Multi-Line Logo for Joseph Stamper.

A FUN logo with a monkey head inside the font done for Joseph Stamper.

A floating atom designed Logo done for Joseph Stamper.

An Early Design with a "Swoosh" for Calvin Sumler.

A Generic Rocket-ship Logo done for Calvin Sumler.

A "Saturn" type logo designed for Calvin Sumler.

A 3D Log with a horizon line incorporated into the look.

A very cartoony design for a logo in motion done for Calvin Sumler.

A re-entry logo glowing hot with a half-Moon done for Chris A. Hawkins.

A Logo with a rocket in the negative gap between the words done for Chris A. Hawkins.

A star logo done for Adrienne Burk.

A Blocky logo with a Rocket inside "Lit-Up" for Adrienne Burk.

A Russian styled Neon Logo done for Adrienne Burk.


Client:Twentieth Century FOX Home Entertainment.
Art Director(s): Adrienne Burk, Calvin Sumler,Chris A. Hawkins, and Joseph Stamper.

Project Date: Summer 2007.

During the Summer of 2007 I did a slew of 3D Logos for a new CGI Animated film called Space Chimps. We did a bunch of fun logos with a space theme and a whimsical tone being this was a kids film. I did end up getting the finish on the logo, though we did not design the posters themselves. I also did a few alternate language logos as well which is not typical. FUN!

Cheers, THOM

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