Monday, January 27, 2020

3D LOGOS: PART V- Animation and Cartoon Styled 3D Logos and Icons for Key Art

Sample Sheet of Animation and Cartoon 3D Logo Designs

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Part V Animation and Cartoon Styled 3D Logos and Icons for Key Art

      3D Logos Part 5 is my next installment on 3D Logos covering Logos for Children and Family movies, mainly Animation and Cartoon based work. I do logos for 2D work on Television as well as 2D and 3D for Theatrical Films. 3D animation is the largest area I do 3D Logos for, and TV Animation turned to feature film is where more will be found.
     Early in my Design career I worked in Television animation for the ABC series The Phantom 2040 , produced by Hearst Animation Productions. This was my first Art Director position and really was a great time , and helped get me into tune with Animation as a Film and Television genre.

     My first 2D Logo was for The Phantom 2040, the first 3D Logo  that I worked on also finished for Looney Tunes Back in Action. This was a big exploration in both Black and White format,  as well as full color. I grew up on Looney Tunes , so this was a blast to get to work on this, and it was an early finish that made it to the final posters. 

     Since then I have worked on dozens of films, mostly 3D Animation logos as they are the main staple in Theatrical Animation. Always a priority to make them legible as well as a design that can work on a light or dark background.

If  you have a need for a 3D logo, contact me for a quote today. I am open to small gig's as well as retainers of Full-Time work.

Prices are very reasonable.

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                                        Cheers, THOM

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