Saturday, January 11, 2020

Project Review: The Curse of Oak Island 3D Illustration for Key Art 2019

The final delivered 3D Illustration rendering[ multiple passes] for Switch to use for the History Channel Key Art for 2019.

Here is a Z-Depth render pass. X. Y, and Z are the three dimensions in geometry , and Z is the distance measured from the camera in a 3D Scene from close to far. A very powerful mask , with many ways to use for a 2D Artist in Photoshop of After Effects.

This is the Ambient Occlusion [ AO ]/ Dirt render pass. I use this as an overlay in Post to add depth , dirt , or just a bit of gradient to objects. Sometime I render multiple AO passes as various setting so I can get light and heavy amounts of the secondary dark color for more options for a client.

A random 3/4 close up view showing the 11+ Million face scene. Those coins were not bump-mapped, but a real 3D  displacement so the geometry needed good resolution ,  so they were the heaviest pieces in this scene

The Camera View showing the Geometry aligned with the 2D Mock up[ a cut down version of an earlier taller design I did. I use the image as a back plate to build to the clients comp exactly.

A 3/4 Perspective view of the 3D Scene in 3D Studio Max show a long lens as well as the multiple light sources. I point out the fall-off  planes on the camera, I use these to get the Z-Depth mask tight to all objects.

This render was all main groupings separate out into parts to they could add to or build their own comp from pieces. The Alpha Channel in the file makes all pieces pre-masked to save cost on the project.

 Here is the Alternate version [ Original Design] with the Human Skull front and center still.

  A quick Google Image Search brought up a few examples of its use this season.

Project Review
The Curse of Oak Island
3D Illustration for Key Art 2019

Client: History Channel via  Switch Creative Group Inc.
Creative Direction: Josh Mintz
Project Date: September 2019.

     I was called in by Josh Mintz at Switch to design and build out a 3D Design using elements from the series to be used as a holding device or crest for the comp highlighting the main Cast members.  human bones were the big element , as well as treasure chests, old coins , and  a few digging tools. I love working with this client as I do hundreds of 3D Logos each year, but 3D illustration is what I love getting as well, these projects allow me to sketch in 3D and design pieces of art , especially ones with multiple elements , so off I went.

     When I create a piece like this for a client I first build out the various parts and mock up a basic layout. I do either a screen grab, or I do a low resolution render leaving off all post effects as well as turning off Anti-Aliasing[ a.k.a. AA ] so the render is quick for approvals.

     Once the low resolution render is done I to a low resolution AA render to get a time estimate a for a final. For comps needing client approvals it is usually half the finish size in pixel width , each agency, and client is different, and for this one History Channel needed a 2500 pixel render to approve. Once it went to finish the final was 5000 pixels wide.

    When I deliver a final layered Photoshop file, I typically render out three passes minimum, with added renders always available as an option. 

     3D renders are Smart 3D Images, so they automatically have an Alpha channel saving the clients time and money as the object comes masked to the pixel perfectly. 

     I also include a Z-Depth pass which is a depth based grey-scale mask for adding post effects based on distance from Camera. Great for Camera blurs , adding layers of fog or atmosphere, or de-saturation or saturation based on the object closeness. 

    The final pass is an Ambient Dirt pass which is a basic grey color with a dark dirt like material that 'finds the intersections' in the geometry and darkens them up adding either aging or just a nice shadow in the cracks and crevices. This adds to the photo-real style that can be adjusted better than in just a single render pass. This is a standard practice on my MGFX and AV work for trailers and 3D Animation.

   The final Image also was delivered with a version with a Human Scull front and center, that was deleted late in the process. I also did a render pass of parts, where i move the 3D objects out so the can be grabbed with the Alpha Channel, and do a render of this so the Creative Directors can use them to add more pieces or build their own design with the pieces. This project , only the no-skull version was taken to finish at 5K resolution.

If you need a bid for a 3D Illustration , or a 3D Model feel free to contact me for a quote. I am open to Hourly gig's , Work Retainers , Part-time , and Full Time opportunities [ Open to relocation ].

                                 Cheers, THOM


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