Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Project Review: Hair Live 2019 3D Logo Design for Key Art 2019

  3D Logo I built in 3D for Hair Live in a One-Line Version on Black

   3D Logo I built in 3D for Hair Live in a One-Line Version on White

   3D Logo I built in 3D for Hair Live in a Stacked Version on Black

   3D Logo for Hair Live as large Metal Extrusion in a Warm Color palette.

   This 3D Logo I built for Hair Live has Thick Neon up top with a Theater Marque sign with chasing Light Bulbs below. This is the Color Pass with Post FX added glows

   This is the Z-Depth mask that I can provided for distance based editing. 256 levels of grey-scale can come in handy for camera and saturation effects based on 3D space. Great for Fog!

   The Ambient Occlusion / Dirt render pass is a great post effect overlay for adding aging, , and gradients to the colors. By being a separate pass from the color-pass ,this allows my clients full control over the final image.

    A Screen Grab of the final render scene geometry with all Sub-D models with two levels of subdivision.

    Screen Grab of Low Poly Base Geometry shown in Hidden Line Render[ Solid].

 Screen Grab of Geometry in Full Color showing transparency in objects
[ You can see the second glow object inside the outer glass on my neon build]

Project Review
Hair Live 2019
3D Logo Design for Key Art 2019

Client: NBC via  Switch Creative Group Inc.
Creative Direction: Josh Mintz
Project Date: August 2018.

    Back in August 2018 Josh Mintz at Switch had me help out on the NBC Hair Live 3D Logo Design and execution for the upcoming special, that ultimately was cancelledI do hundreds of 3D Logos each year, and I do quite a bit of Neon.

     I love doing neon, I do a lot of it. I love building out all the clips and little bits, along with the various parts in the Neon build itself,  from the glow inside to the outer glass to the painted black connecting glass behind the clear glass itself.

     3D Design allows a fast way to build alternates as you can see with the above design I can do stacked one-line logos relatively quickly by moving around chunks of geometry.

     I also did one alternate 3D Logo design of big metal block going back into 3D space in a shiny warm metal material.

  I typically render out three passes minimum, with added renders always available as an option. 3D renders are Smart 3D Images, so they automatically have an Alpha channel saving the clients time and money.

     I also include a Z-Depth pass which is a depth based grey-scale mask for adding post effects based on distance from Camera.

If you need a bid for a 3D Illustration , or a 3D Model feel free to contact me for a quote. I am open to Hourly gig's , Work Retainers , Part-time , and Full Time opportunities [ Open to relocation ].

                                 Cheers, THOM

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