Friday, October 20, 2017

3D Models for Architectural Visualization and Interior Design Part 2 Lighting Fixtures

Here is a sample of the many 3D Lamps and Light Fixture models I have built and designed for Arch Viz work.

 3D Models
for Architectural Visualization
and Interior Design
Part 2 Lighting Fixtures

Today I am posting more about my experience in building virtual Furnishing for my Architectural Visualization clients, and today I am focused on lighting.

Lighting design is a favorite of mine as I am also a avid collector of antique lights. I have near 6-8 table lamps per room in my own home and I love accent lighting of all kinds.

Also since I work in themed entertainment the lighting fixtures themselves are the jewelry for each room and space and make or break the mood of each place. Having the professional lighting designers light spaces I have created helped me understand the role that the fixture and the amount of light they create makes or breaks a specific space.

Today this post is showcasing 3D modeling of specific lights, mostly MCM[ Mid Century Modern] again with Arts and Crafts copper lights as well. Being a entry level Coppersmith myself I have a deep love for mission lighting. As with my chair post, I usually get a tear sheet with basic dimensions and a picture or two and I go and build each piece.

I  always deliver these assets as Quad Subdivision models ready to drop into the scenes with mapping and test rendered in a ambient material to check the surfaces for flaws prior to delivery. I  send them as 3DSmax files, OBJ and FBX exports for my various clients in 3DSmax, Maya, and C4D.

If you are doing an Architectural Visualization or walk through and need a custom lighting fixture or electrical piece for a steampunk build, or if you want a custom design for 3D Printing, please contact me for an  estimate from one small 1 Hour piece to an entire collection.

PART I on Furniture-Chairs is here.

                                      Cheers, THOM

NOTE: Blogger has limited the Images size, so for a full size Image with much more detail you can go here.

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