Friday, October 13, 2017

3D Models for Architectural Visualization and Interior Design-Part 1 Furniture Chairs

A Sample of 3D Modeled Chairs I build for Architectural Visualization Clients.

3D Models
for Architectural Visualization
and Interior Design
Part 1 Furniture-Chairs

Today I am posting about my experience in building virtual Furniture for my Architectural Visualization clients. I especially love doing furnishing and earlier in life I was a professional Cabinet Builder, and I am still an avid woodworker, so this is a great fit.

Since I have built and designed my own furniture, doing this in a computer is an extension of that skill set. I do architectural Visualizations myself, however I do a bit more assisting larger companies with that task, as custom furniture is difficult to find in stock models, and for any higher end clients they want very specific pieces as they usually have an interior designer as well hand picking them online from auction houses, so I am tasked throughout the year with various furniture building.

I usually get a tear sheet with basic dimensions and a picture or two and I go and build each piece. Sometimes I do a bit of internet research as well to get added angles, since I am constructing each piece by hand I need extra reference as much as possible.

I deliver these assets as Quad Subdivision models ready to drop into the scenes with mapping and test rendered in a ambient material to check the surfaces for flaws prior to delivery. I can send them as 3DSmax files, OBJ and FBX exports for my various clients in 3DSmax, Maya, and C4D which makes up the bulk of my clients needs.

As of the past few years Mid Century Modern Furniture had jumped in popularity, so I have been doing some historic and very amazing pieces from the mid 50's and 60's. Some are $15,000.oo pieces on line at Auction Sites. I build a virtual asset of the chair so that the prospective client can see the piece in their space first. I have an extensive collection of American Arts and Crafts furniture with custom pieces and Stickley reproductions that have populated various project I have done. I also sell a few generic stock models online of these still.

If you are doing an Architectural Visualization or walk through and need a custom piece contact me for an  estimate. From one small 1 Hour piece to an entire collection, I can assist.

                                      Cheers, THOM

NOTE: Blogger limits the Image size, so if you want to see the full size with more detail go here.

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