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Project Review: SALT 2008-3D Logo exploration PART IV

A Single-Point Beveled font[ hand-built] here with a crystal glass-like material applied for this SALT logo.

This has a rounded bevel outside in chrome with a bright red textured center or face to the letters that is pressed back into the type in the Z direction away from camera.

A heavy bevel for the heavy metal rusted look "Old Russia". The font top is heated up so the metal is glowing.

A multi-plate design with a red extrusion and a gold face with a mini-bevel. The Hammer and Sickle is used for the "A" in this one.

 A Dual plate with the top 'Red" object sliced horizontally to allow a smooth curve to the face via a FFD[ Free-Form-Deformation] modifier.

A concave Single Point Beveled font in dull chrome on a glossy floor with a reflection.

The Single Point Beveled font in Ruby Red Glass for S.A.L.T.

Another Crystal logo on a Single Point Beveled hand built font, this time all lower-case.

 The above model[ SPB] with a warm bronze feel like an old Soviet Military badge would have.

Project Review
SALT 2008
3D Logo exploration

Client: Columbia Pictures via The Cimarron Group.
Art Director(s): Chris A. Hawkins.
Project Date: Winter 2008.

This is my fourth posting for the 3D design work that I did for the film, SALT in the winter of 2008 while still running the 3D Department at Cimarron, and for today I have more 3D logos to explore as I did over 100 for the assignment.

There were three main Art Directors I did work for in the Poster Design department there, and today these are all from  Art Director, Chris A. Hawkins.

As SALT was a Russian Spy they wanted a liberal use of red in the designs. Steel and metals and blood rends were all good for the look as seen in my prior posts so I varied the application to the various vector files I was given.
Total Logo count that I provided to them was, One-hundred fifty-five[ 155] designs, though they presented maybe five to the client at the end, I always love the process so I understand the drastic cuts needed.

New designers take note, that 5 out of 155 is the norm for a firm to cut down your delivery to, so enjoy the process even if they never use it, your skills will grow and grow the more you do.

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You can also view the KGB badge I made here.

Cheers, THOM

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