Tuesday, February 11, 2014

3D Stock Model Build Review Vintage Carbon Ring Art Deco Microphone 2005

 Here is an overall virtual shot of the 3D Model I built back in 05' of this Vintage Antique Art Deco Microphone prop.

 A Close up on the back of the Carbon Ringed mic with the electrical connections and screw heads to access the internal workings.

A front shot with the vintage RCA logo build out with gold and aged brass materials.

 A low worms eye shot looking up at the Carbon Hoop suspending the mic by the eight springs on the outer ring.
 I built out the brass screen to shield the mic element inside the tin stamped case.
An exploded view showing all the various parts used in this build.
 A Wire frame shot shows that this was not a Quad subdivision build but a solid model converted. Still for sale here.
A good amount of molded parts were build using the Nurbs modeler and converted for export and sales.
  A nice back close up showing the wires with insulation and heat melted ends strung thru the hollow brass base connection.

3D Stock Model Build Review
Vintage Carbon Ring Art Deco Microphone 2005

Client: The Cimarron Group for Stock 3D Model Sales.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: December 2005.

In 2005 I was 3D Design Director at The Cimarron Group, and I regularly did both 3D Illustration, as well as 3D Animation for the print and AV division, in which I built out highly detailed 3D Models, and today I am reviewing another one of the models that I built specifically for sale online as a Stock 3D Model, a Vintage Microphone.

Antique props are always a great subject matter to build as it takes me back to the era that it was created in and use the limitations of the technology used. It also helps out when I need to reuse that knowledge for Steampunk or other styles on various projects.

I build my models with a high level of detail on the parts so that the end user of the stock model can use them for close up shots and this Microphone was no different. This model was also build suing N-powers Power-NURBS software and exported out as geometry.

The model is still for sale online at the largest 3D stock company TurboSquid and can be purchased here.

I will continue showcasing many of the stock 3D models I have from various companys I have prepared them for in future posts, so enjoy!

Cheers, THOM

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  1. Good morning. Is the Vintage Carbon Ring Art Deco Microphone available for purchase?