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Project Review Monsters vs. Aliens. Part V. 3D Logo-Main Title Color Variations

Here is what finished for the Theatrical Trailers for the 3D main Title Logo I made in 2009.

 This is the same model form above put into a red environment for the plate match shot for the TV spots.

 The first pass at different colors was to remove the orange so the stereoscopic glasses with orange and green would work better.[ a Non-Anti-aliaised render BTW]

Here we went with brushed metal and blue completely away from green and orange.

We did a more acidic green which would still read thought the 3D effect was compromised.

A blue green version with bubbles int he monsters.

A closer version with just the orange to yellow and green to acidic green shifts here. All were tested Left and Right renders

A close up shot reveals the cuts int he alien type.

 The subdivided "Monsters' type in final form.

The base mesh consisted of four elements for "Monsters": The extrusion, the face with edge, and the bubble overlay "gel' layer with spherical bubbles inside.

Project Review
Monsters vs. Aliens.
Part V.
3D Logo-Main Title Color Variations

Clients Dreamworks via The Cimarron Group.  
Creative Director: Steven Viola
Project Date: Fall 2007.

This is PART V covering my 3D Design work I did for the Theatrical Advertising done on Dreamworks 3D animated feature, Monsters vs. Aliens from back in the Late Fall of 2008, and today I have to review the variations on the final logo that were done for the various applications.

We had to produce the 3D main title I built out for the Theatrical trailer in stereoscopic 3D for a few 3D delivery systems and each had some color issues.

One version, done for a 3D television system was for the super bowl that year, and it had orange and green lenses, so we needed to address the fact that the logo was orange and green and would have issues, so we experimented with variations using blues and colder metal colors to get a better 3D effect.

I also had to drop the logo into a film clip and I colorized and reflected the scene itself into the logo and this toned the textures to fit the shot colors and lighting.

The logo design itself was finalized at Dreamworks in 2D, but I reproduced the look as a real 3D asset including the cuts into the metal "Alien" type which was a 2D fake in the scrap, though I chose to cut the part-lines into the type itself.

You can view the MGFX city I built in just over a day for the trailers in PART I here,
You can view the full 3D logos here for PART II.
You can view Part III with more 3D Logos here.
You can view PART IV here with added button logos.

You can also see the final 3D Animation of the Title at the front of my MGFX reel work in the right column link.

Cheers, THOM

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