Monday, March 25, 2013

Project Review: Steath "Blackhawk" Helicopter for Key Art 2012

A low side view on the Stealth Blackhawk Helicopter 3D Model I built for Key Art for Cold Open.

A Low angle 3/4 front view with a darker carbon-fiber like surface.

A view up from the ground on the stealth blackhawk.

A direct side shot of the Stealth Helicopter

 Here is the model with one level of subdivision to add enough detail to the model for a good mid-level render.

 The front view on the base poly model with all subdivision removed.

 A shot looking up at the 'copter belly.

 The same view with all subdivision removed[ base model].

 The 3/4 side shot showing the subdivision surface.

 The Low Poly count view from the same camera angle.

 A shot from overhead showing the vents and details around the main rotor.

 Here is the Low Poly of that same shot of the Stealth Blackhawk.

Project Review
Steath "Blackhawk" Helicopter for Key Art 2012

Client: Cold Open 
Art Director: Gardner DeFranceaux
Project Date: March-August 2012.

A year ago I began a little 3D build for a regular client of a ultra modern Stealth "Blackhawk" Helicopter used for covert missions for some key art use they had so off I went to build it out. As with most advertising deadline I had under one day to build it out and get a set of renders over att various angles with some 3D blur on the main bladed so they could quickly comp the thing into the Key Art.

I was given some scrap reference to follow and I built out the Helicopter as a subdivision model so we could up the resolution for close ups, and lower-rez was good for grouping shots.

All the little angles and honeycomb parts were all hand built for the final object. I was not tasked with landing gear, or an interior at the time, so I built the model as an outside only model with no interior.

A fun build, as a Transportation Design graduate from Art Center, if it moves we MUST build it! :o)

Cheers, THOM

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