Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Project Review: Lucky on FX

The Finished 3D Logo Neon w/o the metal base.

The Final Finished Full 3D logo with Metal Base and Neon Tubes.

Hard Edges Vegas Dice [overlay] for Comp.

Soft Edges Vegas Dice [overlay] for Comp.

Early Single Tube Neon Logo.

Rough Gold Nugget Look "Flat Card Chip" Logo.

Gold with Broadway Light bulb rows.

Gold Logo with rows of Larger Bulbs.

Gold Logo with Playing Card Suit Gems.

A Gold with Red inlay and Bulb Sweeps.


Client: FX via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: n/a.
Project Date: Summer 2002.

While running the 3D Design Department over at BLT, I had a large portion of 3D Logos I did for the various clients, and the Las Vegas Theme has always been a favorite. Lucky was a new FX show staring John Corbett and the Vegas theme made for fun gold and Neon Logos. I also did a few dice rolls as well for the posters and bus sides. FUN!

Cheers, THOM

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