Monday, February 15, 2010

Project Review:Land Air Sea Design

The finished model in Clay High View.

The finished model in Clay Rear View.

The finished model in Black High View.

The finished model in Red High View.

Automotive Custom Modeling

Client: Land Air Sea Design Inc.
Design Director: Marek Djordjevic
Project Date: Summer 2007

I attended Art Center in Pasadena studying Automotive Design in the early 90's, and one of the top designers to come out of A.C.C.D. that I have had the honor to work with has been with Marek Djordjevic. His design portfolio is very impressive including the current Roll Royce line, and helping launch the Mini Cooper form his BMW work.

I had built from scratch a few automobiles before working for Marek, but his job would be unique as for this job I would be working directly with the designer of the car, whereas all other jobs I worked for the people selling the cars whose familiarity with the design was superficial compared with the stylist themselves. This was a very different client ,when you are building the base sculpture for the designer themselves directly.

Most exterior 3D models take about 70-80 hours to complete, in the PC, and consider that a real typical clay model built at 1/5th scale would take about 200 Hrs. to finish as a comparison. For this job I was just delivering the mesh itself and not a render, though I did do tests to see the surfacing on the body forms.

Cheers, THOM

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