Friday, February 26, 2010

Project Review: Lincoln Continental 1995

The "Elegant" wireframe metal car grid.

The Fractal liquid VFX described.

The Female Crash Test Dummy Hostess.

The Run-Flat technology animation sequence.

VFX Design for Lincoln Continental
DQ Films:Dreamquest Images.

Client: DQ Films.
Art Director: Justin Klarenbeck
Project Date: Fall 1995.

After leaving ZEN Entertainment in Santa Monica, I went back to freelancing for a while. In the past I had done work from Design Setter in Burbank, and Dreamquest Images in Simi Valley that was absorbed by Disney and they spun off a Design firm in Santa Monica called DQ Films, and I did some Visual Effects [ VFX] design work for a car commercial.

I was tasked with designing an elegant "wireframe" or body grid, as well as create ways to show of some features of the spot. Also as this was mostly a CGI spot, I designed out the female Crash Test Dummy hostess as well.

Cheers, THOM

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