Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Review: CYAN Kahlo World

A "Rock Bonsai" carved by the high winds on Kahlo.

A powerful dust is produced from the sand pillars as the are carved.

The Creature that the Player rides on Kahlo.

A huge ribcage embedded into the rock.

A Meteor slammed into the rock.

I SIDE VIEW of the hollow Meteor.

A floating Meteor over the sand.

A Player in a Miner outfit.

Project Review: Cyan Worlds Inc.
The Age of Kahlo

Client: Cyan Worlds Inc.
Art Director: Myself.
Project Date: Winter 2000

In the continuing series of posts on Cyan, I now focus on the Age of Kahlo. This is a windswept world with 100+ MPH winds all the time, so the landscape is carved out like the canyon of the Escalante.
There was some form of beast that is fossilized into the sandstone seen in the huge ribs in the above image. THere also was some sort of resource in the form of meteors imbedded in the rock as well.
Artistically the wind carved rock created some beautiful pillars that I called "Rock BOnsai" that would be all through the Age, kind of replacing the trees which could not exist to break up the surface landscape.

Cheers, THOM

I also did a single creature that flys using the wind for lift that the player can "ride" like a horse.

Cheers, THOM

Click the Post Title or paste this text into your browser to view the Canyon as Photographed by Marc Adamus: http://www.marcadamus.com/photo.php?id=74&gallery=canyon


  1. Very cool! Please keep doing these Uru project reviews, since there's so much that never got to be released to us Cyan fans. Do you happen to have any more drawings or information on the gameplay of this Age?

  2. What I remember it was a wind swept planet with the creatures that you would race around and play a "Capture the flag" type of activity. I also remember electrical current ran through the creatures as well.

    Cheers, THOM