Saturday, December 12, 2009

Project Review: X-Men 2 [ 2002]

 Thumbnail view of 2 day logo design phase

Logo transformation 3D and 2D

3D "X Door" Opens for pay Off Concepts

BIG Metal Logo,... "Check!"

Client: 20th Century Fox Via BLT and Associates.
Art Director: Zack Ris
Date: Spring 2001

Super hero movies all need that famous giant metal logo right? Well in Theatrical Advertising this sometimes is all they think 3D is for, but in this case they are right.

What is the process to create a logo for a film like this I am asked often, well here is how this one went down.

X Men 1 was done before I started at BLT, and was done in 2D as a 3D fake. We started the process from there, and simply added a 2 in various forms to have perfect continuity.

My first open assignment was to go for it and design a bunch of concepts for X-Men 2 for a group of Art Directors at BLT. The above attachment shows that within 16 Hrs[ 2 Days] I had over 200 ideas. You will also notice the RED square at the top of the thumbnail pic shows that we picked an early concept, which is usually the case. The first round usually wins.

The very talented Art Director, now a Creative Director, Zack Ris took my render and modified it in Photoshop to create the beautiful design that finished. If you look closely at the final you will notice the seam[ crack] in the door is a 2D fake added in. I later remodeled the doors to animate and matched camera and model to the 2D adjustment.

I did a few rounds for the next level, for the "Pay-off Poster" that was fun to design, namely we wanted to show the doors open with the X-Men walking towards camera. Lasers, jet engines, giant Cogs, and locks were fun to play around with, but the exercise did not pay off with a finish.

Once I left BLT and joined The Cimarron Group, ironically I was put on X- Men 3, and I won that finish as well. Look for a follow up post on x Men 3.

Cheers, THOM

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