Thursday, December 31, 2009

Project Review : Phantom 2040-Flying Fan Powered Vehicles.

Troop Transport Phantom- 2o4o Show #2

Hyper Tracker Phantom -2o4o Show #21

Max's Single Fan Vehicle [ All Shows]- Phantom 2o4o

Levitation "Skates"- Phantom 2o4o

Big Rig- Phantom 2o4o Show #23

The Phantoms main Cruiser in Attack Mode- Phantom 2o4o

Max's Transport-Phantom 2o4o Show #17

Max's Fan Engine Limo- Phantom 2o4o

Vaingloria's [ Debra Harry V.O.] Limo- Phantom 2o4o Show #5

Fan Powered Flying Biot Robot- Phantom 2o4o Show #18

Air Freighter- Phantom 2o4o Show #3

Dr Jak'[ Mark Hamill V.O.] Transport-Phantom 2o4o Show #2

Sagan Cruz's Multicruiser-Phantom 2o4o Show #4 Color Key

Ambulance- Phantom 2040 Color Key

The Vehicles from the Animated Series Phantom 2040

This is the first in a series of posts on Phantom 2040. In 1992 I was hired on by David Corbett with the recommendation from the most talented Paul Lasaine [ ] to be an Art Director for the new Phantom Animated TV show. I worked at Hearst Animation for almost 3 years and had the privilege to do 56 Half Hour episodes of The Phantom, as well as help develop the New Flash Gordon show with my friend Nick Pugh.

For this "new" Phantom it now took place in the future in 2040 ALA Bladerunner, and this was the 23rd Phantom, Kit Walker. I worked with the writers Gar and Judy Reeves -Stevens in developing the technology used for flying in the future. I ended up using mostly fans vs jets or levitation, primarily because they look great animated.

For animation done in 2D, I needed to make the shapes all unique , and more of a simple shape so the overseas teams would have a better chance of getting the vehicles "On-Model". ALso details needed to be minimal for easy of animating as well. All and all, I am a "fan" of the FAN!

Cheers, THOM

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